Growth in the investments in oil & gas, petrochemicals, and construction end-use segments can drive the Environmental health and safety market

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Environmental health and safety (EHS) are framework guidelines used to ensure the environmental safety for employees. Growth in the investments in oil & gas, petrochemicals, and construction end-use segments can drive the Environmental health and safety market.

EHS software is used as to maintain occupational health and productivity solution used to meet a health safety and company’s safety needs. They also help maintain occupational health, ergonomics, and industrial hygiene.

Canada-based company, Medagate, is an environmental health and safety software solutions company. In 2017, the company unveiled a new advanced dashboard to provide EHS professionals with superior user experience. It is an innovative addition that allows user keep an eye on their important EHS data in a centralized location. This software is primarily used by health & safety personnel to track trends, performance, problems, and identify risks with important metrics.

The dashboard gets real-time insight on key EHS management system performance due or over-due activities, indicators, schedules and other important data. It provides standardized view for each department or job function. The user can create multiple dashboards as per their requirements. It also allows them to group data. For instance, the EHS professional can create a separate dashboard view for environmental indicators, another for safety, and occupational health.

It gives the professional access to system records directly from interactive tables and lists such as schedules, to-do list, due activities, etc. that is available on the dashboard. These features make the dashboard more convenient for the professionals allowing them to stay on top of their workload and pick up where they left off, if they are interrupted from their work. It reduces the staff’s work burden.

The dashboard gives the user freedom to make customized EHS management system dashboards; giving data access limitation. The management data can be viewed made using various charts such as pie chart, radial gauge, bar, line graph, table, or list, which can be saved in a PNG format image. The image can also be use for external reports and presentations.

The global environmental health and safety market can reach approximately USD 96.2 billion by 2025; according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Increasing investments in petrochemicals, construction, and oil & gas end-can propel market growth over the forecast period (2014-2025).

EHS Data Ltd, HS&E Group, RPS Group, and AECOM are the key participants of the market. Players participate in adopting mergers & acquisitions, product innovations, and collaborations to impel their position in the global market.

In-Depth Research Report on Environment health & safety market:


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