Mobile Casing and Structural Parts Market Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 To 2024

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The global market for Mobile Casing And Structural Parts is expected to grow at a rapid pace over the next seven years. One of the key factors contributing to industry growth is the increasing adoption of mobile phone handsets. In addition, the industry has been witnessing personalization of mobile phones by customers. However, falling average selling price of mobile phones may pose a challenge to industry growth over the next seven years.

Mobile cases and structural parts are vital components of a mobile device. Cell phone manufacturers assign great importance to the casing, as it is one of the key unique selling points and helps in product differentiation. Consumers have been looking to personalize of their mobile phones through different phone cases over the last few years. Owing to this, mobile phone manufacturers have been investing a substantial amount in the design of phone casings and structural parts. Rising significance for new models in the global industry is expected to be a significant factor for industry growth over the next seven years.

Presently, the key trend witnessed in the Global mobile casing and structural parts market is growing importance toward mobile panel replacement market. Increasing penetration of cell phones in the market will further drive the panel replacement market over the next seven years, which in turn will propel industry growth. Drops in the selling prices of mobile phones are leading to cost-related and price negotiations concerns among manufacturers, which will hamper the revenue and profit margins, thus challenging industry growth over the next seven years.

Over the past few years, there has been a radical change in costumers buying behavior, on account of their continuously changing preferences in color, material, and style in mobile phones cases and structural parts. The inclination towards personalization of mobile devices has enhanced industry growth and trend is expected to continue over the next seven years. Customers are progressively demanding for cell phones that look exclusive and compliment their personalities. Hence, personalization of mobile devices is a key trend which is anticipated to drive the global mobile phone casing and structural parts industry over the forecast period.

At present, several cell phone casing technologies are present which include Non Conductive Vacuum Metallization (NCVM), insert molding, and unibody. NCVM has three foremost advantages: first, it can decrease electromagnetic interference for mobile communications, increase signal strength and call clarity. Second, NCVM permits plastic surface to signify metallic texture which increases added value of products. Third, NCVM’s partial transparent feature enables the casing design. However, NCVM requires continuous magnetron sputtering devices and high-cost cleaning rooms, plus the associated manufacturing process needs lots of time to explore which may hamper industry growth over the next seven years.

One of the significant challenges the mobile casing and structural parts market is facing are the availability of counterfeit products. In recent past, several lookalike products have flooded the market, thus capturing market share of the leading vendors. As an outcome, there has been an extreme decline in the sales of original cases and structural parts which may challenge market development over the next seven years.

Stemming from Samsung’s Galaxy SII, insert molding integrates advantages of both metal structural and plastic casings parts. Plastic casings were low cost, and metal structural parts make mobile phones robust enough to resist bumping. Unibody integrated molding technology originates from Apple’s iPad. Presently, only HTC phones use the most expensive design. Now, only FOXCONN TECH and Taiwan’s Catcher Technologies offer abundant mobile phone casings made by this technology.

Geographically the global market for mobile casing and structural parts is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Asia, Europe and Latin America. North America is anticipated to command the highest market revenue and is also observing maximum growth rate followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. Market players invest heavily in R&D for innovation to attain high product differentiation and increased market presence. There has been increasing the number of market entrants offering products across all price categories. Existing manufacturers are increasingly concentrating on improving their network and distribution channel through several partnerships to cope with the rising competition from new vendors.

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