Multi-Function Display (MFD) Market Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 to 2020

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Technological advancements along with enhanced system efficiency are expected to favorably impact the Multi-Function Display (MFD) market over the forecast period. The market is poised for growth, which can be attributed to increased usage in Head-Up Displays (HUD), Head-Mounted Displays (HMD), helmet-mounted displays, avionic flight displays and portable multi-function display. Surging demand for integrated systems across numerous platforms, particularly airborne systems is expected to fuel market growth over the next few years. Furthermore, the MFD market is poised for growth owing to the increased implementation of Blue Ocean strategies. Portable military-grade multi-function display and electronic flight displays continue to evolve adding value to MFD capabilities, which is further expected to provide avenues for MFD market growth. Presently, military requirements have extensively driven the development of electronic flight displays.

Additionally, emergence of reflective micro-display technologies also provides market growth opportunities. Development of technologies such as synthetic vision systems and AMLCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display), may further spur MFD market growth. Multi-function displays enable display of Doppler weather radar images without on-board weather radar and engine operation information. This can be attributed to technological proliferation and development for high-resolution graphics that are processed from ground-based radar and relayed using data-link networks. Software architecture development plays a key factor in driving the market growth over the forecast period. However, declining defense budgets and the complexity of system architecture may pose challenge to market growth.

R&D and innovation remains to be a key growth strategy in this industry. Key industry participants include Honeywell Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, Thales SA, Avidyne Corporation and BAE Systems.

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