Oil & Gas Risk Management Market Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 To 2020

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Oil and gas market is a complex market and risk management is the most important issues facing it. The market is prone towards a lot of uncertainties and is hence affected by both element risks (operation, construction, financial and revenue generation). Global risks (political, environmental, commercial and legal). These risks encountered both downstream and upstream need to be adequately addressed as to ensure commercial viability of a particular oil and gas project.

The oil and gas business or oil and gas risk management is mainly capital in nature and it operates with a large asset base and in highly risky environments, this is a driver for need of such companies so as to manage their catastrophic risk portfolio. The layers of the market need to strive continuously as to strengthen and optimize their risk management models. General risk management of this market comprises of two primary phases such as residual risk management and the initial risk management, the initial risk management is to identify all risks comprehensively and the risk which remains after identifying initial risks are the residual risks. Middle East is the major supplier of oil and gas; global demand of energy is expected to rise over the next six years. Managing the large capital projects in global environment is expected to become increasingly complex as large reserves are now being depleted and the industry copes through drilling multiple smaller wells so as to get compensated. The effective risk allocation between the parties reduces the risk perception of investors and results in the cheaper financing of projects. Major risk management services include Pipeline Risk Analysis, Facility Site Evaluation, Construction Management and Blast Resistant Design, Catastrophe Evacuation Modeling, Security threat Management, Quantitative Risk Analysis etc. Risk management is applied for both offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities.

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