Biopellet Energy Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecasts 2016 To 2024

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Biopellet or pellet fuels are made up from biofuels made from biomass. Pellets are made up of any five general categories of biomass which includes agricultural residues, energy crops, food waste and virgin lumber. They are very precious and well known renewable energy resources which are mostly used in US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It is a type of pellet fuels which has uniform energy content, shape, moisture, size and density. Biopellets are manufactured from sawdust and bark. There are various methods used in the manufacturing of Biopellet such as drying, compressing, pulverizing and molding biomass. Biopellets is one of the essential technologies used to reduce carbon emissions, and it can also be used for heat & power generation.

Europe is one of the primary consumers of bio pellets on account of its lower carbon emissions over the forecast period. With, government’s across the globe taking initiatives and increasing investments in the renewable energy sector and with the use of carbon emissions for power generation, the bio pellet energy market is expected to have significant growth over the next eight years. There have been several rules & regulations with are restricting carbon emissions globally, and this will help in promoting the product’s demand. in the renewable energy sector. Volatile prices of conventional sources such as natural gas, oils and diesel will complement the growth, and it is anticipated to grow at a significant rate over the next eight years. Regions such as Asia Pacific have high biomass availability, and it is expected that this industry is projected to propagate at a significant rate over the next eight years.

However, there are some restraints with a lot of opportunities in the market. Fluctuations of raw material from suppliers and increase in competition from biogas sector will hinder the growth and pose a challenge to the industry participants. There are lots of opportunities for pellet industry on account of biomass increasing availability and with advanced technologies for the production; it is projected that this industry will grow at a significant rate over the next eight years. There are several techniques used in its output, and these can be segmented as pellet stoves, boilers, burners and medium & large scale, pellet combustion technologies.

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