Distributed Energy Generation (DEG) Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Segment Forecasts To 2020

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In 2013, the global distributed energy generation (DEG) market was worth USD 113.53 billion. Increasing awareness to curb global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions is likely to drive growth. Moreover, reduction of water, air and soil pollution, and minimizing expenditure incurred by large power plants are other key drivers of the market.

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Ability of DEG to produce electricity from both conventional and non-conventional resources have made them an environment friendly route for energy generation through wind, solar and tidal energy. Increasing output of tight and shale gas in North America, particularly the U.S., along with innovative hydraulic fracturing techniques are few of the other factors augmenting demand over the next few years. The industry is estimated to be valued at USD 179.65 billion by 2020

In 2013, solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbine together accounted for more than 50% of the total capacity. Government initiatives for the development of solar PV and wind generation in Japan, China and Germany are expected to augment solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbine demand.

Competent prices of DEGs over conventional generators is anticipated to generate a high demand for the technology is anticipated to bolster growth. The market which was 102.97 GW in 2013 is anticipated to reach 227.63 GW by 2020,increasing at 12.0% CAGR over the projected period.

Eco-friendliness and increasing expense on R&D of fuel cells is likely to augment growth, in terms of capacity, at a 19.4 % CAGR over the forecast period. Ability of combined heat and power (CHP) technology to produce electricity or power with low greenhouse emissions has been one of the reasons for its dominance capturing over 40% capacity in the overall market in 2013.

Economically viable installation cost and easy accessibility of on-grid systems to the utility sector has resulted in their dominance in 2013 within the global industry accounting for 90% capacity. Introduction and implementation of numerous government policies to provide electricity in remote rural areas, especially in Asia Pacific, is projected to result in substantial gains for off-grid DEG. Moreover, the ability of off-grid systems to reserve generated energy using a battery is likely to result in generating revenues exceeding USD 6.5 billion by 2020.

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