Microservers Market Analysis, Size and Forecasts to 2020

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Favorable characteristics such as low power and light weight are expected to fuel the global microservers market over the next six years. Growth of internet traffic has led to increase in the number of computer workloads that do not require concentrated horsepower offered by a high-end server. Microservers are generally based on system-on-chip (SoC) boards, a small form-factor that packs the CPU, memory and system I/O onto a single integrated circuit. Increasing demand for servers in data centers due to significant growth of data usage among customers has led to the development of this cost effective solution. As compared to conventional servers, microservers can carry out small workloads more effectively. The power consumption is much lower than the Thermal Design Power (TDP) of the processors inside conventional servers, leading to lower operational costs. As a result of the small size of these products, they can also be densely packed together to save physical space in data centers. Cost of adapting software to effectively distribute workloads between microservers could pose a challenge to market growth.

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The microservers market can be segmented on the basis of processor type into AMD-based, ARM-based, Xeon-based and-Intel based products. Market segmentation by component includes operating systems, software and hardware. Application areas, comprise cloud computing, analytics, data centers and media storage. With rise in media storage and data center applications in emerging markets such as China and India, the industry is expected show significant growth. However, North America is expected to remain the largest regional market over the forecast period. Key vendors in the microservers market include Tilera Corporation, Super Micro Computer. Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Sandisk Corporation, Penguin Computing, Oracle, Nvidia Corporation, Mitac International Corporation, Marvell, Hewlett-Packard Company, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Applied Micro Circuits Corporation.

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