Calcium Aluminosilicate Market Analysis, size and Share to 2022

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Global calcium aluminosilicate market growth is expected to grow over the forecast period on account of growing food and pharmaceutical industry. Calcium aluminosilicate has tremendous potential to soak in the water component of any substance, thus, making it useful in numerous industrial applications. As a food additive, it has been assigned the code ‘E556’as it is employed as an anticaking agent in the manufacturing of chewing gum, and milk & cream powder analogues and plain. Calcium aluminosilicate assists in keeping these products smooth and avoids formation of solid blocks, caused by the presence of moisture. Apart from food and pharmaceutical, calcium aluminosilicate is also used in cosmetics and the fertilizers industry, Hence, the demand for calcium aluminosilicate is expected to be fueled by growing food, food preservative, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, over the next seven years. Pharmaceutical is the second most important application industry of calcium aluminosilicate, on account of its essential use in treating diarrhea and related diseases, whereby it helps in the absorption of the liquid content from the stomach, to minimize bowel movements. It is applicable in both allopathic and veterinarian medicines, as it can be consumed by both humans and pets.

Calcium aluminosilicate is glassy in nature and is a manmade mineral, having chemical formula CaAl2Si2O8.It bears a claylike appearance and has strong absorption potential, therefore is employed in many industries and products. However, the product exhibits a wide range of side effects when consumed excessively or continuously.

Furthermore, overconsumption of calcium aluminosilicate may also lead to iron deficiency in the body, caused by absorption effect on the blood; and evident hypertension symptoms, on account of its psychological effect, on excessive intake. Calcium aluminosilicates are toxic in nature, on interaction with the genitourinary system in large proportions, may have serious effects on the consumer.

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The calcium aluminosilicate market, in terms of geography, can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Over the last few years, Europe accounted for the largest market share in the calcium aluminosilicate market, where it is primarily employed in food industry, followed by the pharmaceutical industry. Growth in the food industry in Europe particularly in France, Poland, Germany and Italy is likely to boost calcium aluminosilicate market over the projected period. Furthermore, growing use of calcium aluminosilicate in the cosmetic industry is likely to propel its demand over the next seven years. In North America, U.S. owns the largest share in the calcium aluminosilicate market. The U.S. calcium aluminosilicate market has been growing over the past few years, owing to booming pharmaceutical industry, coupled with substantial increase in the food, cosmetics and fertilizers industry. In Asia Pacific, China and India are the biggest contributors, on account of growing population which in turn has led to rising food needs among consumers. This is anticipated to boost the calcium aluminosilicate market as it is employed as a food additive. In Latin America, the biggest contributor is Brazil, on account of rising standard of living. Increasing awareness toward high quality of products coupled with growing disposable income of the middle class is likely to propel calcium aluminosilicate market over the projected period. Over the forecast period, Asia Pacific is likely to be the fastest growing regional market for calcium aluminosilicate on account of developing economies including India, China and Indonesia. But, Europe and North America are expected to maintain their market share dominance in light of substantial growth in end-use industries of calcium aluminosilicate.

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