Kombucha Market Analysis, Size and Share to 2022

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Global kombucha market size is estimated to exceed USD 1.5 billion by 2022 and is expected to witness a significant growth from 2015 to 2022. Rising consumer awareness about diabetes and blood pressure issues and shifting preference towards healthy diet intake are expected to drive the product demand over the forecast period.

Rising consumer disposable income and awareness about nutritious diet are expected to steer the demand for fruits and non-alcoholic beverages with high nutrient content. Growing demand for diet supplements and beverages with low sugar content is expected to drive market growth over the forecast period.

Adverse health effects associated with product over consumption include increasing toxicity and acidity in internal organs. Non-sterile packaging and microbial sourcing of the product are expected to hinder its growth prospects. This calls for research to develop and market kombucha culture and minimize its side effects.

Kombucha primarily consists of sugar, tea, and symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts (SCOBY). Its homemade preparation enhances the risk of microbial germ growth and poses health issues, whereas its laboratory preparation under the certified norms of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies is expected to minimize the production-related health risks.

Owing to the non-toxic and eco-friendly characteristics of microbial cellulose, kombucha is expected to gain significant growth in textile colors. Utilizing various broth mediums such as black tea and coffee, the culture yields different textile colors. Such biodegradable characteristics are anticipated to drive the product demand over the forecast period.

Health benefits associated with the product are expected to provide leverage over the conventional beverages that have sugar as one of the main ingredients. These benefits can be attributed to the characteristics of kombucha such as probiotic bacteria, antioxidants, and detoxifying properties.

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Increasing prevalence of medical problems, such as cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, is expected to steer the product demand over the forecast period. This has instilled research on kombucha tea and implements its benefits in medicinal application such as pain relief solution, anti-rheumatic treatment, boosting immune system, and enhancing metabolism. Other medical applications include wound dressings, soft tissue replacement, and artificial blood vessels.

Recent developments in microbial cellulose, a part of kombucha culture, include extensive application range such as textile sector where the dried culture could be used in fermentation process.

Growing demand for healthier ingredients in food recipes is expected to drive the product demand in flavoring of food consumables. Major products that utilize this flavor include apple, clove, mangoes, berries, and flowers. Research on developing new flavors including grapes, coconut, spices, and lemon is expected to drive the product demand in Asia Pacific region.

Growing consumer preference for health and energy drinks and rising awareness towards beneficial effects of kombucha on human health are anticipated to drive the demand in the next seven years. Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness a significant growth in non-alcoholic beverages sector over the forecast period. Additional factors for the regional market growth include low costs associated with its production and processing.

Rising disposable income coupled with increasing demand for nutritious beverages is expected to steer market growth in emerging economies such as China and India. Increasing participations in sports activities and preference for healthier diet intake are expected to steer the kombucha demand in these regions.

Central & South America market is estimated to witness a significant growth over the forecast period. High rate of commercialization of health and energy drinks coupled with dramatic economic growth in economies including Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela is anticipated to drive industry growth in the region over the next seven years.

Various industrial participants have invested in initiatives to enhance their production efficiency and minimize downtime costs. Introduction of new flavors and gaining leverage over the conventional soda are other strategies adopted by the participants. Key industry players include Kosmic Kombucha, Live Soda Kombucha, Kevita, Inc., Makana Beverages Inc., Revive Kombucha, GT Kombucha, and B&R Liquid Adventure LLC.

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