Cosmetic Packaging Market Analysis,Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2014 to 2020

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Cosmetic packaging market is one of the fastest growing markets and comprises a wide range of packaging and their materials across the globe. Cosmetics are all about good looks which holds true for packaging as well. Cosmetic packaging has gained significance as it is one of the factors influencing consumer buying decision for a cosmetic product. In addition to protecting the product from hazards during travelling or handling, it also plays a crucial role in marketing the product. Packaging is of key importance for cosmetic products so as to keep up with changing trends and gain a competitive advantage over other manufacturers. Over a period of time cosmetic packaging has become more simple and natural.

The cosmetic packaging market encompasses a wide range of products and is a crucial tool for any marketing strategy. Effective packaging contributes hugely to a company’s profits and enhances product brand image. It is a growing industry with numerous stakeholders including raw material suppliers, cosmetic and cosmetic packaging manufacturers etc. Preferably plastic is the material used for cosmetic packaging. Material compatibility, trends in consumer preferences and product characteristics among others play an important role in determining the type of package. Other materials used for cosmetic packaging include glass, paper, metal, acrylex, ceramic etc.

The global cosmetic packaging market is broadly categorized on basis of type of packaging such as tubes, jars, bottles, caps and closures, containers, dispensers and pumps, sticks, roller balls etc. The equipments for cosmetic packaging include sealing machine, conveyors, filling machine, unscramblers etc and the market spans numerous cosmetic manufacturers, traders, distributors, cosmetic packing manufacturers etc

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Rise in awareness about anti aging products amongst women, demand for luxury and natural cosmetic products, increased daily use of personal care products will drive the cosmetic packaging market. Asia Pacific region is expected to show fastest growing trend owing to high demand of skin whitening cosmetic products. However the key driver to the market remains increased consciousness among consumers about their looks. Cosmetic packaging includes packaging of assortment of products ranging from shampoos, facial cleansers, lotions, hairsprays, moisturizers, conditioners, perfumes, lipsticks, shaving foams, deodorants, make up to skin care products. However fluctuation in raw material prices along with increase of energy prices is expected to pose a challenge to market growth.

The market growth will be positively impacted through innovative designs, focus on quality etc. The key players in this sector include Amcor Ltd (Australia), Albea (France), HCP Packaging (China) etc. Other industries include Cosmopak, Graham Packaging, and Quadpack etc.

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