Fuel Pumps Market Analysis, Size Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2015 to 2022

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Global fuel pumps market is expected to grow on account of expanding automotive industry due to corresponding demand for vehicles. Fuel pumps serve main purposes such as fuel injection to the engine, maintaining optimal pressure between carburetor and engine as well as to prevent fuel from overheating. Previous models of automobiles relied solely on gravitational force for fuel injection purposes; however technological developments and increasing industrialization are expected to exponentially develop the global fuel pump market.

Various governmental regulations such as Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC) have enforced strict carbon emission standards. This has led to increasing pressure on automotive industry to adhere to various stringent regulations. Such factors are also expected to drive the demand for updated and advanced fuel pumps over the forecast period. Increased fuel efficiency results in optimal power output, ease of engine startup, reduced costs and maintenance of automobiles.

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Electric fuel pumps are also less likely to develop external leakages, providing an added advantage for growth of the fuel pump market. High speed fuel injection can be achieved under all conditions and in a variety of engine speeds. This factor is expected to significantly propagate growth for the global fuel pump market. Advanced safety and stability is also achieved since electric fuel pumps do not leak gas into the engine thus gaining an edge over conventional pumps. These factors are expected to further augment the fuel pump market growth over the forecast period.

Few factors can possibly impede the development of the electric fuel pump market such as the high cost of installation and complexity involved in changing of pumps as compared to conventional mechanical pumps. Inconvenience and inaccessibility of the electric fuel pump on account of its obscure location inside automobile gas tanks is also expected to hamper the growth of the fuel pump market. Fire and electric hazards are also some issues that may negatively impact growth of fuel pump market during the forecast period.

Key geographic regions such as North America and Europe are leaders in the fuel pumps market globally. Demand from other regions such as Asia Pacific and Middle East is likely to increase on account of rising per capita income in emerging economies such as China and India. This trend has been leading to a boom in the automobile sector in Asia Pacific. Developing African nations are also expected to witness a significant increase in the fuel pumps market share.

Dynamics of the fuel pump market are likely to undergo positive progress globally on account of government regulations regarding fuel efficiencies and environmental sustainability. The key players in the fuel pumps industry currently include Robert Bosch GmbH, Great Plants Industries Ltd., Delphi Automotive LLP, Farstar Auto Parts Co., Pricol Limited, Spectra Premium and Suntec Industries Inc.

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